Famous Manuscripts
The fascinating world of medieval miniature painting and illumination
From The Book of Kells to Boccaccio's Decameron and from the Vienna Genesis to Dante's Divine Comedy - see the breathtaking originals of 167 of the greatest classics of all time. This lavishly produced book introduces the reader to the fascinating world of medieval miniature painting and illumination. 167 of the most beautiful and important medieval scripts from the 4th century to 1600 are presented in chronological order and described in full. Each sample of script is headed by highly informative synopses which serves to orient the reader at a glance. These synopses - together with the abundance of brilliant, large-format reproductions - make this book unparalleled in its field. Although the focus is on European manuscripts (French, Dutch, German, Italian, English and Spanish), examples have also been selected to illustrate the refinement and intricacy of manuscript illumination from non-European cultures (Mexican, Persian, Indian, Ottoman etc.). A 36page appendix contains biographies of the artists as well as an extensive bibliography, an index and, most importantly, a glossary in which the technical terms used in the book can quickly be found. This is a rare opportunity to come face-to-face with incredibly precious treasures that one would otherwise never see, treasures once belonging to emperors and kings, and now worth many millions.
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  • Gauguin
    Sanatına yansıttığı düşlerindeki yaşamı yaşayabilmek için Paul Gauguin gibi kararlı davranan sanatçıya sanat tarihinde az rastlanır. O, iki dünya arasında yaşadı. Sanatı aracılığıyla, hiç de iyi gözle bakmadığı uygar dünyaya
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  • Gauguin
    A Frenchman in Tahiti: Gauguin's search for pristine originality and unadulterated nature After starting a career as a bank broker, Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) turned to painting only at age twenty-five. After initial successes within the Impressionist
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  • Impressionism
    Impressionism continues to be one of the most fascinating movements in the history of modern art. It is also the most popular with the general public. Proof of this has been provided in recent years by blockbuster exhibitions of the works of Degas,
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  • Codices illustres
    From The Book of Kells to Boccaccios Decameron and from the Vienna Genesis to Dantes Divine Comedy, to open Codices illustres is to open the door into a precious, private world. Now in a new format, this radiant book brings you facetoface with 167 of the
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